Fiona Varner

Date: Nov 01, 2017
Fiona Varner, a native of Prince George County Maryland, is a woman after God’s own heart. Her passion for music keeps her vibrant and full of spunk. Fiona refuses to be boxed in and is not afraid to allow creativity to flow through her songs. Her multi-cultural sound is universal.

Multi-award winning, recording artist Fiona Varner, has a unique style of music which reaches people of all ages. She has shared the stage with numerous artists and has been nominated for numerous awards. She’s an artist who truly loves the LORD, and you can hear it in her music. (available on all digital download locations).

Fiona Varner desires that those who listen to her music understand and know that GOD loves them and He will never give up on them. Fiona Varner resides in South Carolina and is available to come and minister at your event. Her stage presence, as directed by the Holy Spirit, will lead you into worship - you will not be disappointed!
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