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La Fiera de Ojinaga

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Date: Nov 03, 2019
Ojinaga Chihuahua is considered today as the cradle of the best exponents of the Norteño with sax, witnessed the emergence of a new musical group. Commanded by Mauricio "Píkaro" Palma, a group of renowned musicians decided to combine their experience and combine their talent giving life to La Fiera de Ojinaga.

In 2017, La Fiera de Ojinaga becomes one of the first groups to innovate regarding the release of records before the new era of digital music, with great success they present “Mas Feroz” a project that consisted of 5 musical themes. Among those who highlighted the theme “Impossible and Prohibited” first promotional cut that was successfully placed in the first places of popularity and whose official video has become one of the most watched in the official Azteca Music Group channel on YouTube.

After the resounding success of the delivery of the first 5 tracks of the album “Más Feroz” three months later, on June 9, 2017, the original group from Chihuahua presents “Más Feroz: Deluxe Edition” is the complete 2017 record production of LA FIERA DE OJINAGA, which includes different styles, true to the north with sax, the group is proof of its versatility and great talent. An album full of romanticism, love and heartbreak.

With his career on the rise, LA FIERA DE OJINAGA, he has come to refresh the traditional sound of Chihuahua-style music, his unique and incomparable sound has placed them as a favorite of his audience, he has opened the doors in imposing stages, and has led them to be placed in the main places of the popularity charts of the United States and Mexico, earning great recognition as one of the most important groups within the northern genre with sax and the Mexican Regional ... And Pura Fiera!

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