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Runaway June

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Date: Nov 09, 2019
Time: 8:00 PM
Cost: FREE with your gate admission!
It’s that sound. You know it – the unmistakable sound of three voices in harmony, a harmony that rings back to the early days of Country music, of singing on a porch on a summer’s day, of singing just for the joy of it. That’s the sound of Naomi Cooke, Hannah Mulholland, and Jennifer Wayne – a.k.a. critically-acclaimed Country trio, Runaway June.
That sound is at the core of every song on their debut album, Blue Roses – especially the hauntingly personal title track. “We all love Bluegrass and traditional Country music. That’s been all of our hearts,” says Jennifer. “It’s what we love singing every single night, and it’s the backbone to all of our songs.” With the sparest of instrumentation and the gloriously rich three-part vocal line that put Runaway June on the map, “Blue Roses” may be a meditation on mortality – but sonically, it stands as a proud mission statement for this band as their first full-length record finally makes its way into the world.
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Runaway June
Nov 09, 2019 | 8:00 PM
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