KiddieLand Rides
Thank you for another successful Fair! We'll see you next time: October 31 - November 10, 2019!
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Kiddieland Rides

Go Gator heads children on an exciting kid-size roller coaster ride! 
The Bumble Bees friendly flying that slowly raises and lowers as it flies through the air! 
The Carousel features three rows of beautiful horses that gallop in a circle! 
The Century Wheel carries riders 65 feet above the midway. 
The Construction Zone features a variety of different colored dump trucks  
The Dizzy Dragons features four giant dragons that you can spin and sit in.  
The Flying Elephants features a parade of flying elephants. 
The Family Swinger is similar to the Wave Swinger, only smaller and for Children 
Far West themed electric train on tracks.
The Ferris wheel stands at approximately 40' tall 
The Frog Hopper is a exciting mini-drop tower attraction built just kids 
Hog Wild is a train of motorcycles that pop-wheelies around an oval shaped track. 
As the monkeys begins to spin, riders are able to control the spin speed. 
The Motorcycle Jump has motorcycles that pop wheelies and go over jumps! 
The Rocking Tug spins and rocks back & forth; up & down on the pipe shaped track. 
The Speedway lets junior NASCAR racers whip around an oval shaped track. 
SpongeBob's house is filled moving floors, trick mirrors, rubber band mazes and more! 
Puppy Love are puppies that as the ride slowly rotates, the dogs raise up and down. 
The Super Slide is a four hump slide that kids ride down in burlap sacks 
The Wacky Worm travels in a two story figure eight with a banked drop at the end. 
Waverunner at the Coastal Carolina Fair 
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