Midway Rides
Thank you for another successful Fair! We'll see you next time: October 31 - November 10, 2019!
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Midway Rides

The 1001 Nachts elevates riders 55' above the midway on top of a flying magic carpet!  
The Banzai takes riders for a giant 55' upside-down loop with nothing below their feet. 
Crazy Mouse has hairpin turns and exciting drops, then the vehicle begins to spin! 
Flying Bobs is music ride with free-swinging tubs that glide through hills and valleys. 
The Giant Wheel towers over 110' above the ground, with a spectacular LED light show. 
Blast off with the Gravitron! Ever wondering what it feels like to defy gravity? 
Haunted Mansion Fun House at the Coastal Carolina Fair 
The Mardi Gras is a two story mirror maze with a spiral slide at the end, Lots of fun. 
Mega Drop at the Coastal Carolina Fair 
Moby Dick is a thrilling, fast-pace ride that brings you high in the sky and then takes you right back down again, and just as fast!  
Musik Express is a fast paced, Himalaya style ride featuring tubs that circle a hilly track. 
On the Ring of Fire, Riders and are taken upside down 60' above the ground! 
When Rock N Roll ride begins to rotate, tubs swing outwards through hills and valleys. 
The Scooter has 16 cars crashing, bashing and slamming together. 
The Sizzler is multi action that twirls riders in circles with while the center and spindles rotate. 
The Space Roller has six armed satellite with seats freely flip throughout the ride. 
The Tilt-A-Whirl features off-center spinning, whipping going up and down hills. 
Tomb of Doom Fun House 
The Tornado has 6 arms that hold four bucket seats which riders control the spin. 
The Trapeze features 32 free swinging seats, that swing outward as the tower tilts 
The Vertigo is a giant swing tower that spins riders over 100' above the ground. 
As the Wave Swinger begins to spin with an oscillating motion, the swings go outward! 
Zero Gravity is a gravity-defying experience! As the cylinder spins, it rises to a 70 degree angle! 
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